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Duly registered in the Register of Providers of the Ministry of Defence (UAS - Transport Convention 2011) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cicatiello Srl, since 1993, stands out in the industry for absolute professional and high degree of specialization applied in each segment of the its business, operating with its own logistics facilities and vehicles, with the use of modern materials Packing and highly qualified personnel, coordinated by officials who have thirty years experience.

Equally important is the valuable network of agents and correspondents, consolidated over the years all over the world, which allows the Cicatiello S.r.l. monitor "minute by minute" every transport, in any geographic area.

The excellent results in terms of efficiency and reliability achieved for this specific aspect, the availability of Managers with proven ability and experience in international shipping, an ideal of courtesy and discretion, which is also enthusiastic commitment, lead us to have a precise objective: to establish with our party a clear and direct relationship that goes beyond mere compliance with contractual, aiming to reach a personal understanding based on mutual respect and trust, thus avoiding errors and inconveniences, often poorly recovered in the course of transport management.

CICATIELLO International Movers services include:


Ground Continental Tranports

Cicatiello Int. Mov. connects every day hundreds of locations across Europe, using road and rail transport, whether or not combined with a full load or service "groupage".


Intercontinental Sea Transports

Cicatiello Int Mov. is able to guarantee the freight door to door on the main intercontinental routes, thanks to the optimization of loads in full containers or consolidated.


Air Transports

The speed of air transport is safeguarded by the efficiency of a structure that can speed up the complex procedures of treatment on the ground of the goods.


Train Transports

Rail transport is fast and reliable, as well as convenient, because managed on lines contracted with fixed schedules and routes.


Logistic Services

Customs formalities and entry, transport to depots, storage in open spaces, the distribution throughout the national territory: a service that Cicatiello Int Mov. held at 360 degrees.



Even with insurance aspects are taken care of by our expertise Structure: the study and the stipulation of policies specific account, the insurance broker, the reimbursement practices, the settlement of claims.


IT Service

The optimization of the flow of information through the electronic link between the network structure and one of the main partners is essential to the fluidity of transport.

Abilitazioni e Accreditamenti:


Laura Cicatiello

  • QUALIFICATION AS A RESPONSIBLE - CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS 'PROFESSIONAL issued on 28/01/2008 - (Mandatory in order to obtain or retain licenses for shipments account)

The company:

  • R.E.N. (certificate of authorization to pursue the occupation of road haulage) - document required to operate in the field

Registered in Public Organizations:

  • ALBO MINISTERO AFFARI ESTERI (list of authorized companies)
  • ALBO MINISTERO DELLO DIFESA (list of authorized companies)

Cicatiello International Movers

Via Po, 37
00198 Roma, (RM)
T: (+39) 06.8604351
F: (+39) 06.8607969
Email: cicatiello@cicatiello.it
Email: amministrazione@cicatiello.it
Web: www.cicatiello.it

Cicatiello International Movers - Via Po, 37 - 00198 Roma

Tel +39-06.8604351 - Fax +39-06.8607969 - Email: cicatiello@cicatiello.it - Web: www.cicatiello.it